Winter Festival

A Festival of Light

Where: 98 S. Lincoln Street


Friday, December 17, 2021
4pm: Kindergartens
5pm: Second grade
6pm: Fourth grade

*Saturday's dates have been postponed to Sunday due to the forecast. If you have children with siblings in Kindergarten, Second, or Fourth grade, you are warmly invited to join that child's class on Friday night.*

SUNDAY, December 19, 2021
4pm: First grade
6pm: Fifth grade 
7pm: Upper School- grades 6-9, Community welcome.

What is the Winter Spiral?

This Waldorf tradition honors the light of the cosmos that changes through the seasons, while also reminding each of us to cultivate and bring forth our own inner light. Each class takes a turn gathering around a spiral of evergreen garlands which is illuminated by a simple candle in the heart of the spiral. Each child finds their way through the spiral to light their own candle, and places it along the spiral as they walk out which then contributes to the greater light of the whole group. 

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