April 2021 Newsletter

It Takes a Village...to make a Charter School!
What does it take to start a charter school you ask? Well, let us tell you! Lots and lots of hard work, many volunteer hours, and a community that supports us in so many ways. We have been able to do so much already because of our dedicated Board of Trustees and large circle of supporters and volunteers. So many individuals have given their time, energy, and expertise to our cause that we have been able to accomplish a staggering list of tasks with a very small budget. The 200+ page application and appendices to the NH State Board, the months and months of property tours and real estate research, the newsletters, website creation, social media and word of mouth outreach, the country-wide hunt for faculty and staff, the Board recruiting, business connections and City of Keene communications; all of these things were done through dedication and basically for free. 

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March 2021 Special Edition - Who We Are!

Gathering Waters Chartered Public school has been a community group effort since the summer of 2018 when the MWS High School closed its doors on School Street in Keene, NH. A group of parents, teachers, and community members, The Friends of Gathering Waters, came together with the shared vision of continuing Waldorf education for high school students in the Monadnock region.

Over the next two and a half years, and after many community meetings and discussions on back porches and around dining room tables, the groundwork was set for a free chartered Waldorf high school to be born. However it also became clear that there was a growing need for affordable Waldorf Education for all ages in the Monadnock region. Just a few short weeks before the application deadline the Friends of Gathering Waters took a huge leap and rewrote the application to include grades 1-12. On December 10th, 2020 the NH State Board of Education voted yes to Gathering Waters' Charter application.

Since December 10th, there has been a flurry of activity on the part of the Board, committee members and newly hired admin staff. As they continue to work full time jobs, and take care of their families, each individual has committed their time and energy to the formation of the school and the vision that Gathering Waters brings to this community for the future of our children. The success of Gathering Waters is due in large part to the work of all those who have come before and have built such a strong network of support for Waldorf Education in the Monadnock Region.

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