About Us

Charter Schools in New Hampshire:
There are currently over 30 Chartered Public Schools in New Hampshire. Along with joining New Hampshire's chartered public schools, Gathering Waters is joining the growing body of over 50 other schools nationwide guided by the core principles of public Waldorf education. Charter schools address the need for parents to have expanded choices in the kinds of educational experiences and curriculum available to their children and expanded personal involvement in the life of the school. As a public charter, Gathering Waters will serve all school aged students grades K-12 and their families. (Please see our Curriculum Page to find out more about what makes our school different!)

Our Commitment to Supporting Your Child:
Gathering Waters has an innovative and robust support system for students and their families that includes Class Teachers, Specials Teachers, an Academic Support Administrator, two full-time Academic Support Teachers, a Guidance Counselor and a Lower Grades Floating Support Teacher. We aim to give students at Gathering Waters a rich social experience of a classroom community that is greater than the sum of its parts. Classes are split into smaller groups for subjects such as handwork, music and art to allow for more individualized attention. A full circle of faculty will surround and support each class and individual student.

Our Mission:
The mission of Gathering Waters Chartered Public School is to offer students in the Monadnock region an education that enables them to discover their interests and capabilities; explore the surrounding world; and cultivate a lifelong love of learning, a sense of community responsibility and understanding of environmental sustainability. We carry out this mission by providing a rich and engaging academic curriculum that integrates the arts, meaningful practical work, outdoor education and service to the larger community.

Our Vision:
Our vision is an inclusive school culture of compassion and respect where deep interest in others goes hand in hand with individual growth. The educational environment enables students to develop self-confidence, self-knowledge, intellectual flexibility, and the capacity for creative problem solving that supports ethical action in their local and global communities.

Non-Discrimination Policy
In accordance with RSA 193-B:3,ii(m) Gathering Waters Chartered Public School will not discriminate on the basis of race, color, gender, gender identity, or gender expression, national or ethnic origin, age, religion, creed, disability, veteran's status, sex, sexual orientation, socioeconomic or marital status, genetic information, pregnancy and pregnancy-related medical conditions in the selection of students or staff, access to its educational programs and activities, with respect to employment terms and conditions or in the administration of the school or in any other way that is prohibited by law. 

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